Do you find it hard to stay fit due to long days at the office? Are you physically drained after work even though you’ve been sitting at a desk all day? Are you stressed just thinking about meetings and deadlines that have now become a normal part of your office life?

The goal of Office Worker Health is to show that you CAN become (and stay) healthy, both physically and mentally, no matter what you work at or the hours you work. We provide information, tips and practical advice for people that have sedentary jobs, informing them how they can stay fit, active and positive, by maximizing their work/life balance.

My name is Brian Crooke. I'm an ITEC qualified personal trainer and gym instructor with Diplomas in Sports Nutrition and Exercise and Fitness. I'm a certified Divemaster too! In what feels like a previous life I also qualified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) management consultant and have over 10 years experience working with clients in the telecommunications and finance industries. It's through this pretty unique mix of learning and experience that I bring quality content to my followers on a regular basis.

I’m not an ultra runner, I don’t lift heavy weights and I’m not into extreme sports. What I do believe in is exercising regularly, eating well and having a positive outlook on life.

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