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Workplace Services

  • Workplace Wellness Audit. Healthy employees cost less, are more present and productive, and contribute more to an organisation’s performance.
    • How does your business rate from a wellness perspective?
    • The Office Worker Health Wellness Audit provides a benchmark for wellness programme development and acts to build awareness about workplace health within your business.
    • It serves to recognise workplace initiatives that positively influence employee health and well-being and to identify organisational health opportunities within the workplace.
  • Wellness Consulting
    • Our primary goal is to bring wellness to Irish workplaces and is best achieved by working with senior management and HR teams to embed wellness in the company culture. We can help your business to define a wellness strategy and to document this as part of a wellness operating plan.
  • Speaking Our most popular talks/workshops are:
    • Laying the Foundation: The 5 Building Blocks to a Productive Day
    • Wellbeing Goal Setting for the Office: Activity, Nutrition, Headspace
    • How Much Exercise Does a Healthy Adult Need? Time & Type!
  • Classes & 1:1 Coaching Can take place in an on-site space or in a local park: 
    • Couch to 5k/10k running programme
    • High Intensity Interval Training

Content Creation

I love to write about health and wellness. I've been consistently blogging and promoting workplace wellness from the Office Worker Health site since 2014. 

If it's quality content in the area of health and wellness that you require then you have come to the right place.

I can provide your business with researched articles and infographics that are optimised for keywords and SEO.