Performing a Wellness Audit will deliver accurate information about the current status of employee and workplace wellness at your organisation. It also acts as a catalyst to build awareness amongst management and staff for increasing the emphasis on workplace health within your business.



  • Independent & anonymous

  • Guide the actions of your wellness coordinator/team

  • Identify employee needs and preferences

  • Align wellness initiatives with your business goals and objectives

  • Exposes the unwritten “norms” and rules

  • Baseline for creation of a new, or modification of an existing wellness programme

  • Promote a culture that supports healthy behaviours and happy employees

  • Provide evidence and documentation to support workplace wellbeing accreditations


What’s included in the audit?

  • Initial Consultation

  • HR/Wellness Coordinator Questionnaire

  • Administration of Company-wide Wellness Survey

  • Presentation of Findings

  • Full Report

  • Recommended Actions to Take


Employee Wellness Survey

The Office Worker Health employee wellness survey will gather data on the general health of your workforce. We look at the physical activity, nutrition, hydration, resilience and sleep habits of employees. We take a snapshot of how employees view the organisation from a wellness standpoint and find out specific personal preferences. You’ll get a detailed report and recommendations that you can use to create or improve your wellness offerings.


The questionnaire is completed by the person or team in the business responsible for wellness activities. The aim is to understand more about your business. The responses are used to help customise our standard wellness survey to best suit your organisational objectives.

The best companies in the world look after their people because they know that they will, over time, look after their business.

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