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What is Office Worker Health?

Office Worker Health are all about physical, mental and nutritional health. We provide information, tips and practical advice about how to become and stay healthy to Irish workplaces and workers. Regardless of how many hours you work a day, it´s important to maximize your work/life balance – and we show you how to do exactly that.
Furthermore, we also offer various services to achieve workplace health. This includes:

  • Workshops

  • Programmes

  • Wellness Audit

  • Consulting

We are also launching a new service this year for professionals:  The Workplace Wellness Ireland Training and Certification.

What does workplace wellness mean?

For many, a typical day at work involves hours on end sitting in front of the computer and quick meals in between meetings. This is not contributing to stimulation of the physical and mental health of workers. The end goal for any business should be a happy workplace in a healthy environment. We identify and design wellness plans and strategies to make your workplace and workers both happier and healthier, in both mind and body.  

Why is workplace wellness important?

Demands for workplace wellness programmes in Ireland is on the rise, and employers are realizing the wide range of benefits of providing wellness support – both for the staff and the company.

Healthy employees are happier, more productive and lead to less absences. Employees want employers who care about their well-being, and by implementing a wellness program, your business will become more attractive for new talent.

What type of businesses hire Office Worker Health?

We help all sizes of business, big or small.

How do I know which program suits me and my company the best?

Contact us and we will analyze it for you and together we will find the best fit, customized to suit your workplace.

Who can join The Workplace Wellness Community?

Aimed mainly at those who work directly in workplace wellness in Ireland. This includes senior leaders and HR- Professionals who are tasked with wellness promotion in their workplace.

What is Park HIIT and who is is it for?

Park HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and has one main focus – resistant training. We focus on body weight resistance exercise. Park HIIT is both free and for everyone. Just show up and you are welcome to join.

Do I have to be in good shape to join the community and attend Park HIIT?

The only person you are up against is yourself. So come as you are!

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