5 Simple Strategies for a More Productive Working Day

I've written about the 5 building blocks to a a healthier and more productive day previously. That article was so popular that I've since given numerous lunch and learn and breakfast briefings going in to more detail on those 5 areas. 

If you didn't get to read the article then fear not. I've condensed the main talking points in to a 3 minute, commuter friendly video below. Enjoy :-)

My customers expect me to have high standards of health, safety and wellbeing so by ensuring that I manage the elements of my day that are within my control, I find I’m better prepared to deal with the unexpected issues and events that come my way.

You can do the same. Lay the foundation to a healthy day by being more conscious of the 5 simple strategies above in your daily routine.

Yours in health,


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The Low Down

Brian Crooke is a wellness consultant and speaker empowering employers and employees to make their workplaces healthier places to be. He is the founder of Office Worker Health.

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