Breaking Free

outdoor bicycle trip

I've been struggling with my office job for a while. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed the work or if I ever did enjoy it for that matter. It doesn't excite me and it doesn't really stimulate me. It can be stressful at times and it can be painfully boring at times. I don’t have any passion for it. I've always heard and read that you should do something you're passionate about and I'm sure what I'm doing is a passion for some people but unfortunately it’s not for me.

This isn't a complaint that gets a whole lot of sympathy I've noticed, certainly not during a recession. ‘You’re lucky to have a job…..’there’s plenty of people out there without any work’……’suck it up and get on with it’….just some of the feedback I received or overheard. Fortunately I've worked with great people over the years so they made it a lot easier to go in to work every day. I also can’t knock the experience and training I was getting in my role. That will always stand to me.  I wouldn't say I was depressed or that I dreaded going to work, but I felt far from fulfilled in what I was doing and was going through the motions more often than not.

The simple solution of course was to leave and look for something else. I have a young family and a mortgage to consider though so giving up a good and secure job wasn't a decision I was going to take lightly. Very recently though, the universe decided to smile upon me. ‘Would you be interested in taking voluntary redundancy?’ The timing was right; the terms and conditions were right; the opportunity was too good to pass up. I accepted.

It’s never an easy decision to give up a well-paid, pensionable and permanent position but the burden has been eased significantly for me thanks to the redundancy package. I would still urge those that are unhappy in what they do and are feeling unfulfilled, to at least start looking at options. What interests you? What do you love to do? What are you passionate about?  Start asking these questions and see where it takes you. You shouldn't have to spend your whole life doing something that doesn't inspire you. We’re here for a good time, not a long time.

I've been given a gift. I'm being paid to leave a job I didn't like; a position that I was struggling with. I need to restore order to the universe. The good karma that has been afforded me needs to be returned. My partner undertook an incredible trip to Greece last year, collecting and bringing baby slings and other donations to help struggling refugees, mainly those with young children . Help is still badly needed in the region and we both want to do something to lend our support again as best we can.

So I'm planning a cycle. I'm going to cycle around Ireland and see how far I get. I’ll probably only have three weeks so I know I won’t get all the way around in that time (maybe I can look at finishing it off at a later date). Why a cycle? Well first of all I can’t think of a better way to completely free my mind and leave any and all negativity behind me. Secondly, it will be fantastic exercise. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Finally, to raise awareness. The humanitarian crisis in Europe has not gone away and probably won’t any time soon. I’ll post an update on the cycle very soon but in the meantime we are collecting baby slings again to donate to refugees travelling with young children. Such a small item but they can make a huge difference. Contact me here if you have a sling to donate or if you know someone that does. Second hand or brand new, it doesn't matter.

A young family with their new sling from our last donation

A young family with their new sling from our last donation

I've been given the opportunity to break free, to do something I'm passionate about. Right now I'm passionate about giving something back. The world of work can wait. I'm in the incredibly fortunate position of being able to say that, I know not everybody can. When I do focus on work again I want it to be something I have a passion for, time will tell of course but I really believe it’s attainable.

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I think that’s something worth aiming for.

Yours in health, Brian