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The Future of Work: Active Meetings

Meetings are the backbone of the working day for many professions. I can summarise the majority of the meetings I’ve attended as follows:

  • Short meetings
  • Long meetings
  • Productive meetings
  • Complete waste of my time meetings

What do all the above meetings have in common?

I was sitting on my backside for all of them. That is something I believe is worth changing.

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Complete Guide to the Active Office

This week I'm sharing an article from my friends at Focal Upright Furniture that is incredibly relevant for Office Worker Health. It's an easy to read guide on how you and your employer can make your office a healthier place to be. It’s broken down into six steps, all of which can be taken today. This is where modern workplaces are heading. Can you introduce some of these changes to your office in 2016? Why not get this article in front of your management team?

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