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Which activity is right for you?

Swimming, rock climbing, weight lifting, hapkido, crossfit, ninjutsu, running, cycling, football... I could go on and on citing sports I once tried, enjoyed for a while and later stopped practicing (or should I say quit, gave up?!?). What about all the equipment, clothing, shoes and gadgets bought for each sport that are now gathering dust?!? Why can't I (we) stick to the sport and keep doing it? Too busy at work, the weather doesn't help, tiredness? Excuses and more excuses!!

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Anyone for Tennis?

I’ve written about resistance training and running quite a bit on Office Worker Health but I haven’t really gone into too much detail on other sports and activities. That’s all about to change this week as Vanessa Boschetti discusses her passion for tennis. Vanessa has a really busy office job so I loved reading about how big a role tennis now plays in her life outside of work, both from an exercise perspective and socially. It’s clear from this article how passionate Vanessa is about tennis and I’m sure her enthusiasm will have many of you picking up a racket very soon.

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