What is Functional Training?

Kettle bells - functional training

Functional Training forms the backbone of the exercise plan for my 30 day challenge (which is progressing very well by the way); but what exactly is functional training?

I’ve had great intentions in recent years in terms of exercising and keeping fit. The motivation and dedication to get to the gym has been there which is great as that’s half the battle. Where I’ve been lacking is in the execution. I’ve been going to gyms on and off for years and making some steady progress in the beginning and then noticing a plateau or a drop off in improvements after a couple of weeks or months. I put my finger on the problem a while back in a previous blog post – I wasn’t pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone. I tasked myself with the goal of fixing that problem and I believe I have found the solution in recent months in the form of Functional Training classes.

I’ve been training with Philip Kavanagh at Limitless Functional Fitness in Smithfield in recent months and I must say I am loving it. The classes are challenging, the full body exercises are tough but the coaching is first class and the group dynamic pushes me a lot harder than I would on my own.

So to get an idea of Functional Training, check out the video I made with Philip for a brief introduction and to see a few sample exercises:

I really hope you enjoyed the vlog. I plan on delving further into Functional Training and health and wellbeing in general with Philip in future videos so be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you’ll know when they’re live.

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