30 Day Healthy Living Challenge

30 Day Healthy Living Challenge


The Healthy Living Challenge is a 30 day program of exercise, nutrition and mental strength challenges to drive you towards living the healthiest month of your life.

If you want to look better, lose weight, feel better and have more energy then the Healthy Living Challenge is for you.  

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Check out the video for an introduction to the program:

Here's a testimonial from a recent participant:

I found the 30 day healthy living challenge to be hugely beneficial to me. One of the big things for me is the change to my eating habits and the better choices I continue to make even after the program has finished. The program will get you thinking and acting in ways that improve all aspects of your well being. Changes are not radical departures from what you do and therefore the changes you make are sustainable. This is what set this program apart from others.
— Padraig O'Connor, coachyourgoal.com

What is the healthy living challenge?

30 day online health and wellness challenge

Challenging you to live as healthily as you can for 1 month

Foundation for long term, sustainable, healthy lifestyle behavioural changes

Detox- get healthy – lose weight – feel great

Tell me more about the challenges...

Exercise Challenges i.e. complete specified workouts tailored to your fitness level

              Ø  HIIT exercises - bodyweight only - no gym required

              Ø  4 workouts per week

Nutrition Challenges i.e. only consume foods from the provided shopping list and avoid alcohol

Mental Strength Challenges i.e. digital detox time for 30 minutes per day

What's included?

Exercise routines tailored to your fitness level

Nutrition guidelines

Detailed shopping list

Flexible meal plans

30 Day Challenge calendar

Daily education, motivation and accountability

Private Facebook community and support

VIP email support - I’m with you every step

Who is it for?

Anyone that wants to feel, look and function better

Someone looking for improved energy, sleep and overall health

Someone looking to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way

Someone looking to detox in advance of the Christmas madness

People that are sick of fad diets and starving themselves on shakes and salads

Those that want to get lean, strong and healthy rather than skinny

How does it work?

Sign up above

€99 all in (money back if you’re not happy)

You’ll be sent a Questionnaire to fill out and return

I will then send you:

      Challenges for the 30 days

      Tailored exercise routines

      Nutrition guidelines

      Shopping list

      Meal plans

Added to private Facebook group with more challenge instructions, content, support and motivation

Any questions?

Email me: brian@officeworkerhealth.com

Check out the blog: www.officeworkerhealth.com

Kick off is November 1st 2016!