Review of the September 2019 Workplace Wellness Ireland Event in Dublin

What a great evening we had last week in partnership with Spectrum.Life and AJ Products at the most recent installment of the Workplace Wellness Ireland events series in Dublin.

The theme for the evening was "Education and Workplace Wellness" and we were privileged to hear from three panelists who discussed the opportunities available at three different third level institutions.

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Workplace Wellness Ireland - May 28th 2019 - Dublin

In partnership with Spectrum.Life and fresh from our recent events in Cork and Belfast, I’m delighted to bring another Workplace Wellness Ireland event to Dublin, this time at the wonderful IAA Conference Centre at the Times Building on D'Olier St.

The theme for the meet up is "The Importance of Committed Leadership to Workplace Wellness" and we will be joined by an inspiring panel of leaders to discuss this including Kate Moran of HubSpot, Jim Gavin of the Irish Aviation Authority and Dublin GAA and Jennifer Grogan of the ESB.

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Would you like to win an Extra Day’s Paid Annual Leave?

Is there a Netflix series you just can’t wait to binge on? Do you need to take a day to shop for your holiday essentials? Well here’s your chance to win an EXTRA day’s annual leave and it’s all for a good cause too.

GOAL has been running Duvet Day for five years now and 2019 is shaping up to be another great year for the Irish humanitarian organisation. On Duvet Day, employers raffle off an extra day’s paid holiday to all employees. This year, Duvet Day is April 11th but GOAL is encouraging business to fit Duvet Day into their schedules and will offer support in organising the event at another time that suits you and your colleagues best.

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The 8 Steps to a Successful Workplace Wellness Programme

There’s a lot of interest in health promotion in the workplace in Ireland at the moment which is fantastic to see. Companies of all sizes are waking up to the fact that healthy and happy staff have a positive impact on productivity, engagement, morale, and culture. Promoting the wellbeing of employees can reduce absenteeism, increase attraction and retention figures, reduce health care costs and improve camaraderie and team spirit. Why then are so many Irish businesses reluctant to start a wellness programme? For those that have started something, how come so many have been unsuccessful?

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Workplace Wellness Ireland – Our First Partner!

Workplace Wellness Ireland has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Since our first event in September 2018, the membership has been growing and the demand for tickets for our events has been increasing significantly.

Dublin has been a great base for our meet ups thus far and will continue to host events on a regular basis. So many of our members are based outside of the capital though so it’s only fair that we bring some community gatherings to the regions in 2019.

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