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Would you like to win an Extra Day’s Paid Annual Leave?

Is there a Netflix series you just can’t wait to binge on? Do you need to take a day to shop for your holiday essentials? Well here’s your chance to win an EXTRA day’s annual leave and it’s all for a good cause too.

GOAL has been running Duvet Day for five years now and 2019 is shaping up to be another great year for the Irish humanitarian organisation. On Duvet Day, employers raffle off an extra day’s paid holiday to all employees. This year, Duvet Day is April 11th but GOAL is encouraging business to fit Duvet Day into their schedules and will offer support in organising the event at another time that suits you and your colleagues best.

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Workplace Wellness Ireland – Our First Partner!

Workplace Wellness Ireland has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Since our first event in September 2018, the membership has been growing and the demand for tickets for our events has been increasing significantly.

Dublin has been a great base for our meet ups thus far and will continue to host events on a regular basis. So many of our members are based outside of the capital though so it’s only fair that we bring some community gatherings to the regions in 2019.

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Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2019

Ireland’s Workplace Wellbeing Day for 2019 is fast approaching. April 12th is the date for your diary this year. Workplace Wellbeing Day is now in its fifth year and has been growing in strength and significance every year. It’s a really positive day in the Irish business calendar and something to really be proud of. Do you know there’s no other country in Europe that has a National Workplace Wellbeing Day? There may not even be another national Workplace Wellbeing Day anywhere on the planet?! Let me know if you’ve heard otherwise!

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