Workplace Wellness Ireland – Our First Partner!

Workplace Wellness Ireland has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Since our first event in September 2018, the membership has been growing and the demand for tickets for our events has been increasing significantly.

Dublin has been a great base for our meet ups thus far and will continue to host events on a regular basis. So many of our members are based outside of the capital though so it’s only fair that we bring some community gatherings to the regions in 2019.

It would be extremely challenging to do this on my own, that’s why I’m really excited to announce Spectrum.Life as a partner for the Workplace Wellness Ireland event series in 2019 😊

Following the success of our first meet up of 2019 in January and thanks to Spectrum.Life’s support, Workplace Wellness Ireland will be hosting four more events in Dublin this year as well as regional events in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Belfast.

Thanks to all the team at Spectrum.Life for believing in the community and giving us the opportunity to spread the workplace wellness message nationwide this year.

The next Workplace Wellness Ireland events are in Dublin on March 21st and Cork on April 4th. If you haven’t already then you should join the online community so you can sign up to the events once registration has opened.


Yours in health,


Brian Crooke Workplace Wellness Ireland

About the author:

Brian Crooke is a wellness consultant, speaker and trainer specialising in the auditing, development and delivery of workplace wellness programmes (such as Corporation Transformation) for Irish companies through his Office Worker Health business. He is also the founder of the Workplace Wellness Ireland community. In his spare time he is bringing free resistance training to every county and community in Ireland through his parkHIIT project