25 Reasons to Get On Your Bike

Keeping a healthy lifestyle seems to become progressively harder as time goes on. This seems to become even more so, once you get stuck in that 40+ hour work week as we all do. When it gets more difficult to find time to work out you need to be able to prioritize the best bang for your buck activities.

Did you know that cycling as little as 15 minutes a day can have a profound impact on your overall health? Cycling to work is a great way to fit some exercise into your work day if you have that option. The benefits aren't limited to road cycling though, you can take a spin class, ride your bike on a trainer or even just go to your local gym!

In this graphic from DocTriathlon, I break down 25 of the best health benefits you can get from cycling. So take the edge off that 9-5 grind, and take charge of your life and health by hopping on a bike!

25 Health Benefits of Cycling

Author Bio: James Rackliffe is a keen cyclist and triathlete. He is the founder of DocTriathlon, a site that charts his journey with triathlons and encourages others to participate in the sport.

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Brian Crooke is a wellness consultant and speaker empowering employers and employees to make their workplaces healthier places to be. He is the founder of Office Worker Health.

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