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25 Reasons to Get On Your Bike

Keeping a healthy lifestyle seems to become progressively harder as time goes on. This seems to become even more so, once you get stuck in that 40+ hour work week as we all do. When it gets more difficult to find time to work out you need to be able to prioritize the best bang for your buck activities.

Did you know that cycling as little as 15 minutes a day can have a profound impact on your overall health? Cycling to work is a great way to fit some exercise into your work day if you have that option. The benefits aren't limited to road cycling though, you can take a spin class, ride your bike on a trainer or even just go to your local gym!

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Back on the Bike

Hello everyone! I've been taking a break from the blog for the last few months as I've been completing a post-grad and working on a few other projects. I hope everyone has been keeping active and healthy while I've been away!

I wanted to write a quick update to let you know I'm planning on getting back on my bike next month and all for a very good cause. I'm cycling from Dublin to Galway with a few friends in aid of Crumlin Children's Hospital.

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Cycle to Howth

Waking up early on Sunday morning in Dublin, the sun was shining and there was not a single cloud in the sky. Some weekend exercise was called for. I decided in a split second to bring my bike out of semi retirement (a self imposed retirement following my epic cycle around Ireland) and to head for Howth. What an excellent decision it was.

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Cycling Around Ireland - Week 3

My incredible journey continues. I've now completed 18 days in the saddle and cycled over 1,000 kilometers since I left home. I could write pages and pages about the sights, sounds and people that I've seen and met on the trip so far. My work for the Guinness Quality Team in the evenings continues at pace in the coolest of local bars in the towns and villages where I stay. I could keep writing and I will write properly about the journey very soon but for now a video seems to say so much more. Here's my vlog from today, from Inishmore on the Aran Islands.

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Cycling Around Ireland - Week 2

Week 2 wasn't quite as full on a week as my first week in the saddle as I took a break for a few days to attend a wedding (and to give my backside a rest), but I still managed to pedal through four days of towns, hills and scenery on the Ring of Kerry and the Wild Atlantic Way in the kingdom of county Kerry. I really do need to write about my experiences on this incredible trip and I will do that very soon, but for now you can enjoy the video highlights of my four days in the saddle on Week 2 of my cycle around Ireland.

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Cycling Around Ireland - Week 1

I left Dublin on Thursday and since then I've managed to clock up 557 kilometres on the bike. The legs are stiff, the body is sore, my backside is killing me but I've never felt so alive. It has been an AMAZING week. I'll write about it properly very soon but for now I'll leave you with the videos of what has been an incredible seven days in the saddle travelling around the Irish coast.

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Preparing to Cycle Around Ireland

This will either be the greatest trip ever or I have finally gone mad. As exclusively revealed in my last blog I’m undertaking a long bike ride around the coast of Ireland; a cycling holiday and a fitness challenge all in one. The planets have aligned and I’ve been given a window of three or four weeks to pull this off. I may never get this opportunity again so despite the short preparation period, I’m planning on taking off tomorrow.

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