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How to Survive Christmas Party Season

It’s that time of year again and it appears the recession is well and truly over as the diaries fill up with parties and events over the next month just like they used to during the good old days. Fantastic news for the economy in general but not such good news for your liver or your energy levels. Christmas Day and the days around it are often a write off for many of us with food, booze and powerful bouts of laziness top of the agenda for the vast majority. Not a whole lot wrong with that, it is the festive season after all. What if we took our foot off the gas just a little bit in the run up to it though? Do you think that might help?

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Merry Christmas from Brazil

Hello from Florianopolis everyone! A very short post this week to wish all my family, friends and followers a very Happy Christmas. We flew to Florianopolis on Thursday after an amazing 6 weeks in Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been to Brazil for New Years a few times before and that’s a really big deal but this will be my first time to celebrate Christmas in this part of the world.

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