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Gym Wars - Ireland v Brazil

I've been fortunate enough to spend time in gyms in both Ireland and Brazil recently and I've come to notice some interesting differences. The Brazilian model wins without question for me. It’s important to note I haven’t travelled the length and breadth of both countries researching this (interesting idea though). I'm basing my argument on about 10 gyms I've frequented in recent years in the Dublin area versus a couple of gyms in Rio de Janeiro and a handful more around Florianopolis in the south of Brazil.

So what makes the Brazilian approach win out?

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Merry Christmas from Brazil

Hello from Florianopolis everyone! A very short post this week to wish all my family, friends and followers a very Happy Christmas. We flew to Florianopolis on Thursday after an amazing 6 weeks in Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been to Brazil for New Years a few times before and that’s a really big deal but this will be my first time to celebrate Christmas in this part of the world.

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Rio de Janeiro Life

It’s been four weeks since we arrived in Rio de Janeiro at the commencement of my parental leave. Upon our arrival I committed to staying as fit as possible while here and not falling into the same unhealthy traps as I had on previous visits to Brazil. So how has it been going? Well not too bad actually. Take a look at these before and after photos for starters:

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