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Video Highlights of Workplace Wellness Ireland Launch Event

Delighted to be able to share the highlights of the launch event for the Workplace Wellness Ireland community which took place on September 4th. I’m busy preparing for our next meet up on November 13th so it’s nice to reflect back on what was a really great evening. For a full review of the September 4th event you can click here.

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Workplace Wellness Ireland - Our First Meet Up

It feels like we are on the crest of a wave with workplace wellness in Ireland. Lots of companies are talking about it, millenials are specifically seeking out employers with wellness programmes in place and three healthy workplace accreditations are being launched on the island of Ireland within the space of twelve months.

There was a gaping hole though. Where could an Irish employer go to find out where to start with a wellness programme or how to improve one? How could they learn from Irish companies that have developed successful programmes? Where could they hear about mistakes made and lessons learned? Who could best support their organisation’s specific needs in this area?

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Common Office Health Problems and What HR Can Do to Help

For office workers, the danger isn’t lifting heavy objects or working hard in the sun all day, it’s conditions like carpal tunnel and computer vision syndrome. While workers are far less likely to throw a back out or herniate a disk at their desks, they’re still vulnerable to a wide array of health issues and injury risks.

We know that sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen all day can take its toll, but what can Human Resources do about it? Let’s look at how HR and the management team can take better care of their workers in the office.

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