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Review of the first parkHIIT Corporate Challenge

I love the Grant Thornton 5K and wanted to do something similar that promoted the importance of resistance training in the corporate world. I teamed up with Ronan Mahon of Movement Fitness for the first parkHIIT Corporate Challenge which started in mid-October 2018 and ran for 4 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Ballsbridge. Companies participating in the inaugural challenge included Ibec (who had 13 participants!), AIB, Ernst and Young, Allianz and Just Eat as well as teams of individuals including representatives from Facebook, Arup Engineering and LinkedIn among others.

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Review: Workplace Wellness Ireland - November Event

The second Workplace Wellness Ireland meet up took place on November 13th at the Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Square. Demand was high with all available tickets reserved within 48 hours of release! The atmosphere and energy in the room was fantastic. A huge thanks to everyone for giving up their time on a weekday evening to attend the event.

I kicked off proceedings by welcoming everyone and re-sharing the community values. A quick show of hands revealed there was a fairly even split of those in attendance for the first time and returning attendees.

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parkHIIT Corporate Challenge

There is so much going on with parkHIIT and in the workplace wellness space at the moment. It’s been a really exciting and very active couple of weeks! Here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on over the past 10 days alone:

  • Both parkHIIT and the Workplace Wellness Ireland community formally joined the Healthy Ireland network

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Review of The First Workplace Wellness Ireland Meet Up

On Tuesday September 4th we held the inaugural meet up of the Workplace Wellness Ireland community at the Bank of Ireland in Grand Canal Square in Dublin. I was blown away by the attendance and by the positive feedback following the event. The atmosphere and energy in the room was something I had hoped for so it was extremely pleasing to see my expectations not only met but exceeded on the night. Thanks to everyone that came along and contributed to the positivity.

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Workplace Wellness Ireland - Our First Meet Up

It feels like we are on the crest of a wave with workplace wellness in Ireland. Lots of companies are talking about it, millenials are specifically seeking out employers with wellness programmes in place and three healthy workplace accreditations are being launched on the island of Ireland within the space of twelve months.

There was a gaping hole though. Where could an Irish employer go to find out where to start with a wellness programme or how to improve one? How could they learn from Irish companies that have developed successful programmes? Where could they hear about mistakes made and lessons learned? Who could best support their organisation’s specific needs in this area?

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Schedule Exercise Into Your Working Day

Finding the time, energy and motivation to exercise is one of the great challenges faced by the busy office worker. I've found that juggling work, family and social commitments with your health goals requires dedication, planning and preparation. I haven't discovered a 25th hour in the day but there are some simple tactics that I employ to find the time to exercise during my working week.

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3 Things That Must Be In Place BEFORE Commencing a Wellness Programme

Last week I wrote about where to get started with a wellness programme for the workplace. The response has been fantastic so it's clear there is genuine interest in this area at present. In keeping with this theme and understanding that not everyone has time to read a full article I've put together a short video that reiterates the 3 key takeaways from the article.

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Why Is Wellness So Important?

An overview of Irish demographics tells us that the average age of Ireland’s population will increase significantly over the next 20 years (by as much as 85%). It is projected to be the fastest increase in Europe. Add to this the projected upturn of 40% in the incidence of chronic disease between 2007 and 2020 (cancer is now categorised as a chronic disease). This will result in increasing healthcare costs and significant impacts not just on the healthcare systems but also for our health in general.

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Why Every Employee Should Have a Wellness Vision

Vision-building has been a corporate practice for decades. For business experts, having a clear, effective corporate vision is the starting place for success. Not having a vision leads to lack of focus, clarity and performance. So if visions do great things for corporations, how can they work for people?

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