3 Things That Must Be In Place BEFORE Commencing a Wellness Programme

Last week I wrote about where to get started with a wellness programme for the workplace. The response has been fantastic so it's clear there is genuine interest in this area at present. In keeping with this theme and understanding that not everyone has time to read a full article I've put together a short video that reiterates the 3 key takeaways from the article.

If you want your wellness initiatives to be successful then check out the video below for the 3 things that should be in place before you even consider starting your activities:

If you are considering creating or improving a wellness programme at your workplace then these 3 steps are an absolute must.

Yours in health,


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The Low Down

Brian Crooke is a wellness consultant and speaker empowering employers and employees to make their workplaces healthier places to be. He is the founder of Office Worker Health.

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