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Controlling Stress Can Help You Lose Weight

Uncontrolled stress can sabotage any weight loss plan. As a nurse practitioner and health coach, I see many clients who list weight loss as their main wellness goal. Often they tell me they are not losing weight even though they have changed their diet and started working out. I always ask about their stress levels, and most of them will indicate it is “moderate” to “very high.”  I usually focus on ways to decrease their stress levels first, then diet and exercise.

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Work-related stress: What employers can do about it

New statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal the true extent - and the real cost - of the UK’s work-related stress problem, and they make for grim reading. The statistics look at the nature of self-reported work-related illnesses, showing that many industry sectors are effectively losing a million or more working days a year as a result of stress, depression or anxiety.

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