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Slow Down to Speed Up

Most of us feel like we are at the mercy of our schedules, our bosses’ expectations AND our own.  We feel pressured to stay head’s down in our cubicles, in front of our computers all day.  Somehow meetings get placed on our schedule—last minute.  We deal with emergencies from clients, co-workers as well as from management.  Thus, we feel like we are putting out fires with no time to actually get proactive work done.  At the end of the day, we feel exhausted and stressed with all that is left on our plate.  So, we go back to our computers and work after the kids are in bed or lay awake worrying about all that needs to get done tomorrow.

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Work-related stress: What employers can do about it

New statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal the true extent - and the real cost - of the UK’s work-related stress problem, and they make for grim reading. The statistics look at the nature of self-reported work-related illnesses, showing that many industry sectors are effectively losing a million or more working days a year as a result of stress, depression or anxiety.

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Stress Management at Work

Stress is something that will probably touch every office worker in some shape or form at some stage of their career, if not throughout. How you handle that stress can set you apart from your peers in terms of your health and even your career.

In the current economic climate, there can be a lot of change at the workplace. Job losses, budget cuts, process changes and role amalgamations can all lead to fear, uncertainty and stress.

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