Why I'll Be Watching Operation Transformation

Anything that encourages exercise, eating well and community is to be welcomed. No matter what your level of fitness, there’s something everyone can take away from Operation Transformation.

For anyone unfamiliar with the show, Operation Transformation is a health and fitness programme airing on Irish TV and radio that is comparable to ‘The Biggest Loser’ programme popular in other parts of the world.

Operation Transformation team on RTE

Watching the first programme in the new series last night, I was in awe of the bravery of the first three leaders that were introduced. Not only did they have to let the cameras inside their private family life, exposing every and any issue they’ve been dealing with, but they also had to stand in their underwear in front of the entire country and listen to feedback from the experts on what they need to work on.

I know there’s nothing new with the format. It’s roughly the same idea as in previous years. I still couldn’t help being struck by the individual stories though. It’s not fair to single any one out (or is that the point in choosing which leader to follow?), but as a father to a young girl, David’s story had me very close to Kleenex territory. With a demanding and stressful job, and a young family that needs all his support, he simply has to be firing on all cylinders.

I’ll be following David. He can be a great example to show people that by prioritising your own health and wellness, you’ll have more energy to dedicate to work and family life. It really does work like that. I’m reminded of my favourite ever quote from Richard Branson, when asked what was the best advice he could give to anyone looking to stay on top of their business and family life.

His reply?


Feck the begrudgers. Do yourself a favour and watch Operation Transformation, I promise you will gain from it. Choose one of the amazing leaders to follow and get stuck in with them. You can start by getting outdoors and taking part in some of the free group or community events taking place around Ireland, starting this weekend. Click here for one I’m hosting in Ashtown, Dublin 15. There’s plenty more in every county, all the details can be found on the Operation Transformation website.

Best of luck to David, the four other amazing leaders and all the other operation transformationers that are making the effort to raise the bar in their own way this year.


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