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Halloween is upon us this weekend but even before the costumes and pumpkins disappear from the shelves we'll be bombarded with advertising for a new season and talk of the parties and nights out that this festive season has in store. November 1st isn't just the start of the Christmas countdown this year though. It's also the first day of the 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge!

How many times have you been sick when it came to your Christmas and New Year holiday time? How many years have you felt exhausted, stressed and downright unhealthy and overweight after the excesses that this time of year can bring? Why don't you do something about it this year? Take your foot off the gas completely in November....detox totally in advance of December....get properly fit and active for the festive season......feel energised and healthy when you face down the gauntlet of the parties and nights out in December.

The November 30 Day Challenge will encourage you to exercise regularly, to eat clean and to detox your mind and improve your mental strength for the month. I will be your educator, your motivator and your accountability partner for the 30 days. The deadline to sign up is this Sunday the 30th of October. I will send you exercise routines, a nutrition guide and shopping list, meal plans, daily and weekly challenges and bucket loads of encouragement! You'll be signed up to the Facebook group where you'll meet a community of people going through the very same process as you. All of this for only ā‚¬99? Sign up asap before all the places are gone and please reach out to me if you have any questions:

Check out the video to find out more:

Kick off is November 1st 2016!

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