Healthy Tips for Long Haul Journeys

Over night bus

Hello everyone, I'm very excited and proud to announce that this is my 52nd blog post. What makes that so special I hear you scream? Well it also happens to be the 52nd week of operation for the blog. I have published a brand new blog every single Wednesday since I launched the Office Worker Health site in February 2015.

How does one mark such a momentous occasion? Why by mixing things up of course. This week I’ve published my very first video blog (or ‘vlog’ as they say in the states). I recently took a 1,300 kilometre overnight bus between Florianopolis in the south of Brazil and Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. I took some ‘on the road’ video footage on the trip where I try to show some of the healthy steps I take while on a long haul journey. I won’t give any more away though, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about in the video.

Florianopolis to Montevideo bus journey

I’m brand new to the world of vlogging and just set up my Office Worker Health You Tube channel where you can subscribe and view my first video and many more that I plan on uploading over the coming weeks and months. I also have an introduction video that you can check out.

That’s enough chit chat from me, it’s all about the vlog this week so here it is:

To summarise my top health tips for long haul journeys:

1. Have a proper exercise session the morning before your trip. Be it a run or a resistance training workout, get some form of high intensity exercise in before you depart (if time allows of course). If your journey starts very early in the morning then plan your workout for the day before.

2. Once you’ve checked in, don’t just sit and slouch around waiting for departure. Stand up and walk around as much as possible. You will not be able to do this properly for the duration of your journey so don’t waste this opportunity to get some light exercise.

3. If you’re on a bus (and maybe a train), get out at every stop to get some fresh air and to stretch your legs (assuming the stop is at a reasonable hour of course). I do not recommend this for plane travel.

4 As much as is possible, try and keep to your eating and sleeping routine. Avoid late night meals and unhealthy snacking if you can. If your journey is overnight then try to go to sleep at the same time that you would at home and aim for the same amount of hours sleep that you normally get.

5 Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water at regular intervals.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever vlog. I promise that the quality will improve with each video I publish! Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below and please do share this on social media, I really appreciate every interaction!