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Overnight Flights - My Healthy Travel

I spoke in a previous blog about Healthy Tips for Long Haul Journeys and my vlog today is on a related theme. I recently returned to Ireland from Brazil in a journey that took me 3 flights and about 22 hours. I tried to complete the long haul trip in as healthy a manner possible while also staving off any possible jet lag.

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Office Worker Health is 1

Office Worker Health is officially one year old! I published my first ever blog on February 18th last year. Thanks to everyone that’s read, written, commented, shared and supported me along the way; I’ve enjoyed every second of the journey I must say. The objective of the site is to promote health and wellbeing amongst sedentary people and a year on I’m even more passionate than ever about spreading that message. I’m learning more and more about health, fitness and nutrition every day and if you follow this blog then I know you are too.

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Healthy Tips for Long Haul Journeys

Hello everyone, I'm very excited and proud to announce that this is my 52nd blog post. What makes that so special I hear you scream? Well it also happens to be the 52nd week of operation for the blog. I have published a brand new blog every single Wednesday since I launched the Office Worker Health site in February 2015.

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