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How My MS Diagnosis Has Helped Me Be Happier and Healthier

I was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and wow what a shock it was at the time. I was enjoying a successful career in Finance and living a full life outside of work.

After receiving my diagnosis, I remember sitting in a park crying my eyes out at the thought of what might happen and then I said to myself “I will not be a victim”.  What I meant by this was, I would do everything I could, to stay well.

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A Quick Guide to Staying Healthy at Work

There isn’t one solution to staying healthy, but, rather a combination of things -- including keeping active and eating wholesome, good-for-you foods. While eating healthy and moving more might sound too difficult to do against a demanding work schedule, there are a few quick tips you can keep in mind to help you conquer both – regardless of work schedule. 

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Healthy Tips for Long Haul Journeys

Hello everyone, I'm very excited and proud to announce that this is my 52nd blog post. What makes that so special I hear you scream? Well it also happens to be the 52nd week of operation for the blog. I have published a brand new blog every single Wednesday since I launched the Office Worker Health site in February 2015.

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