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Sustainable Weight Control – Nutrition and Observation

Two weeks ago I spoke about my approach to Sustainable Weight Control by using a project from my Sports Nutrition course as a case study. In that blog I introduced my client (John Doe, sedentary office worker), highlighted the metrics I used to reach daily nutritional/calorie requirements for John and documented an exercise routine I designed for him. In this article I want to complete the sustainable weight control plan by highlighting the nutrition targets I set for John and discussing continued observation and monitoring of the overall plan.

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Staying Hydrated

More water??? Dehydration can have a negative impact on our performance, alertness and concentration. This is not what we want especially if we’re making lots of decisions at work every day. Working in an air conditioned office speeds up the loss of moisture in the body so as office workers, we need to drink more liquids to accommodate this. It’s important however to make the right choices as to what fluids we are consuming.

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