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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a form of workout in which you give all out, 100% effort through fast, intensive bursts of exercise, followed by shorter, sometimes active, recovery periods. Training in this way will get and maintain your heart rate up while burning more fat in less time than a typical workout.

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Sustainable Weight Control – Nutrition and Observation

Two weeks ago I spoke about my approach to Sustainable Weight Control by using a project from my Sports Nutrition course as a case study. In that blog I introduced my client (John Doe, sedentary office worker), highlighted the metrics I used to reach daily nutritional/calorie requirements for John and documented an exercise routine I designed for him. In this article I want to complete the sustainable weight control plan by highlighting the nutrition targets I set for John and discussing continued observation and monitoring of the overall plan.

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Sustainable Weight Control

I'm not a big fan of promoting specific weight loss programmes or diets, I believe a lot of them aren't sustainable over time. I prefer instead to provide exercise advice and nutrition tips to educate people so they can make healthy choices themselves depending on what their particular goals and circumstances are. As part of my Sports Nutrition course however, I was tasked with creating a tailored weight control plan for an imaginary client. The objective was to support my client in achieving his personal weight loss goals taking into account the multi factorial concepts of energy balance, nutrition and weight loss.

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